10 date night at home ideas

Date night at home: 10 ideas to keep your relationship alive

Stuck in a rut with your partner?

It’s winter, we’re all feeling the financial stretch, it’s dark at 5pm so the evening exercise routine is disappearing fast and we’re less likely to go out when it’s pouring with rain. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a date night at home, but what do we do? 

According to a study, one-third of couples in the UK spend 43 days a year streaming TV and only 4% cuddle whilst doing so.

The General social survey results show the average number of times per week married couples have sex:

  • 25% once a week
  • 17% once a month
  • 10% hadn’t had sex in the past year

It’s time to put a stop to it, get out of the rut you’re in and reignite the fire in your relationship.

10 date night at home ideas

Here’s 10 tried and vetted date night ideas to help spice things up. I promise you, you’ll not only love spending more time with your partner, but you’ll feel amazing too and those endorphins will keep you smiling! 

date night at home ideas; baking blindfolded with your partner

1) Bake Blindfolded
This is so much more than your typical weekend baking, this is an opportunity to flirt with your date, connect with them through touch and spend some quality time together.

2) Black tie evening at home

It’s so rare an opportunity to get dressed up and see a date in something other than jeans. Find my black-tie date night outfit shortlist here. 

3)A yoga session with your partner

A great way to spend more quality time with your date, improve your fitness and well-being, and improve your sex life! 

4) Have a spa night

How often is it that we take a moment to stop, relax and do nothing? All you’ll need is a couple of face masks and a massage oil to take it in turns to give each other a massage. Spend some quality time enjoying each other.

5) Dinner followed by strip Poker 

I didn’t know how to play Poker but I learnt via You-Tube in minutes. What better way to flirt with your date then to tease each other with slow undressing. Be sure to make sure the house is warm either-wise its more like torture LOL.  

6)Enjoy cooking together

I recently cooked Gyoza on a date which initially I was very nervous about as I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but it was surprisingly easy and delicious! This isn’t about rustling up a quick meal after work together, this is about enjoying quality date time with fine wine, music and a romantic meal. 

7)Strip Nerf gun wars

I haven’t giggled on a date as much as I did with a Nerf gun battle. Every time you hit your opponent, they have to take off an article of clothing. Be sure to close your curtains and keep playing until you can’t resist each other any more.

8)Cocktail making and dancing in the kitchen

Pre-plan a few mocktails or cocktails and get creative mixing your drinks whilst dancing and singing the night away together.

9)Paint each other and create a piece of art 

Get creative, feel new sensations whilst your date paints your body and create your own masterpiece. Buy a cheap piece of canvas and let your inner artist in you go wild.

10)Video games night

Borrow a console from friends and enjoy playing nostalgic games together. For me it has to be Mario Karts every time.

date night at home ideas; black tie evening with your partner

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