This free romantic date night at home is guaranteed to make you laugh. 

This is so much more than your typical weekend baking, this is an opportunity to flirt with your date, connect with them through touch and spend some quality time together.

Date night bonus: You’ll end up with a yummy cake to feed to each other!

free date night at home; bake blindfolded

Top tips for a successful date night at home

  • pick an easy-to-follow recipe. This isn’t about creating a masterpiece, it’s about having fun
  • be sure to both experience being blindfolded so decide at which point you’ll make the switch. You’ll want the opportunity to put cake mixture on your date’s face!
  • remember this is a date so set the scene. Dim the lights, play some music and pour some drinks
  • wear something that can easily be thrown in the wash as its inevitable that you’ll be wearing baking ingredients
  • line the baking tins before you use the blindfold
  • Our smell has a significant impact on our emotions and sexual attraction. Your partner is going to spend the evening wrapped around your waist so be sure to wear their favourite fragrance on your neck!

What you’ll need for your date

  • A blindfold, or lightweight scarf 
  • Basic cake recipe – I love Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich recipe
  • You’ll not want to get cake mixture all over the house, so if you’re hoping to spice things up, perhaps have a blanket ready

What makes this date night so fun?

There’s something so sensual about being blindfolded whilst your date holds you close and guides your hands to pour and mix. Ultimately, you’ll both end up with fingers in the mixture, licking it off each other. Just be sure to set a timer for the oven so that you don’t burn the house down!

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