Hey there, I’m Eleni! Picture a bundle of joy with an infectious grin, always the heartbeat of the party and the pal who’s ever-ready to dive into new adventures with a resounding “Yes, let’s do it!”

My frame may be petite, but my Greek roots hint at a boundless love affair with Mediterranean cuisine. My appetite is anything but small!

In my kitchen, cooking is a dance party where the beats are as vibrant as the flavours, and my music choices are so cheerfully awful, they’re fantastic.

At 40, I found my rhythm with solo travel, discovering that the world truly is my playground. As a spirited, self-assured single lady, I have a voracious thirst for the great outdoors and all the wonders that beckon beyond the beaten path.

My Family

My son, Theo, is 11. He’s very loving, and of course handsome! He has ADHD and benefits greatly from being active, through his Karate and football love. We love to cook, run, sing and watch Strictly Come Dancing together LOL. 

My family mean the absolute world to me, there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t see them. Some of my most cherished memories come from my summer’s spent in Cyprus with my Grandparents and extended family picking fresh figs off the trees in the morning.

Healthy Lifestyle

Staying active is a big part of my life. It does wonders for my mental health, especially as most of my week is spent working from home. I just love the post gym feeling (thanks endorphins), and I’m happy to say that I’m proud of my body. 

In the week, Theo and I have a very healthy diet…lots of Mediterranean food. I just love to cook! Come the weekend it goes out of the window a little as the wine, cocktails and eating out is enjoyed to the fullest, but we only live once!

Why I started this Dating and Lifestyle Blog

I’ve been dating online for the past 4 years, and too often I’d watch my friends cry with laughter as I shared my dating stories. 

They gave me the idea to start writing blogs about my online dating dramas, and here we are, I found my creative juices again and hence ‘Be Dating Beautiful’ was born.

I want to bring you lighthearted stories about my online dating journey, provide dating tips, but also write about the importance of self-love. 

I struggled with body confidence for the majority of my life, and it was only after I sought help from a therapist after my marriage ended in 2020 that I started to learn to love myself. 

“I’m now a 40 year old, confident, fit and strong woman!”

Too often, I speak to single women who can’t stand the sight of their own body, which I find heartbreaking. Having been on that same journey, I hope to inspire women to believe that one day they will look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful” as life is simply too short. 

Be Dating Beautiful

I named my blog Be Dating Beautiful because with a bit of self-love, confidence and an outfit that makes you feel amazing, you’ll be able to rock up to your date feeling beautiful. With a bit of belief, you can put the best version of yourself forward to truly be ‘Dating Beautiful’.

If you’d like to request an article, are interested in guest writing about your bad dating experiences or want to enquire about personal styling help for your next date, please get in touch.

Work with me

I’m a marketing consultant offering advice in everything from search engine optimisation (SEO) to comprehensive marketing plans. Find out more about our work here.

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