At Be Dating Beautiful, we engage a dynamic audience of singles and couples alike, curating content that ranges from thrilling dating ideas and sustainable fashion choices for date nights, to the liberation of solo journeys and the excitement of group activity escapes.

Our Journey

Our founder, Eleni Koureas, infuses each article with her personal narrative, one of rediscovery and renewed passion following her divorce and a dedication to reigniting the spark in enduring partnerships.

The Stats

With 30,000 monthly impressions and over 1000 keyword queries ranking on Google, Be Dating Beautiful stands as a testament to Eleni’s profound acumen in SEO and marketing, which funnels half of our organic site traffic.

Our Content

We believe that the best memories are born from a seamless fusion of dating, style, travel, and adventure. Our platform is more than a dating blog; it’s about designing a lifestyle brimming with passion, sophistication, and a zest for exploration.

Dating Guides, Stories, and Tips

Dive into Eleni’s side-splitting dating stories, discover innovative date night ideas, and get the scoop on singles events, plus advice on what to wear for that special date.

Travel Guides, Experiences & Tips

Our guides are crafted to ensure that whether you’re flying solo or journeying with a partner, each adventure is memorable, especially as we highlight the allure of our local areas, Cambridge and Hertfordshire.

Eleni’s Adventures

Eleni’s thrill-seeking spirit shines through as she takes you on a tour of heart-pumping festivals and activities. Her goal? To encourage singles to venture into new experiences and couples to broaden their dating horizons.

Work with Us

Partner with Be Dating Beautiful and discover how we can amplify your brand to our dedicated readers.

Discover More About Eleni

Get to know the story behind Be Dating Beautiful and how Eleni transformed her dating tales into a source of empowerment and style.

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