What’s Snowbombing All About?

If you love skiing, snowboarding, and a lively night scene but haven’t become a couch potato post-COVID (yawn!), then Snowbombing is your must-attend festival! Set in the picturesque ski town of Mayrhofen, Austria, this week-long fest combines thrilling daytime slopes action with vibrant nightlife that’ll keep your spirits soaring.

Snowbombing’s Daytime Line Up

Your days will begin on the powdery slopes, where you’ll bond with fellow snow enthusiasts. Glide from one hilltop venue to the next, enjoying quirky events like Ski Olympics, speed dating on chair lifts, and Reggae Shacks. Don’t miss the brunch sessions amidst breathtaking mountain views! And if you’re all about Après ski, make your way to the Snowpark Terrace for some Schnitzel, beers and DJ beats, or catch the hilarious pond skim challenge. Watch as the average Joe (after a few drinks for dutch courage) attempt to skim across a pond on their skis or boards. A hilarious watch (but not so funny for the wounded).

Evening Escapades

As the sun dips, Mayrhofen transforms into a bustling hub of festive energy. At 40, you might find us sneaking in some sauna time to recharge before the evening’s festivities. Snowbombing’s nightlife is thoughtfully tailored to all ages.

The Fun Haus

Every night, we kicked off our evening at the Fun Haus, belting out old school hits and reviling in 90s nostalgia at its finest. Our favourites, ‘Famous First Words’ and ‘Massoke’, are must-sees…imagine a belly-laughing, singing game show that takes you right back to the best of the 90s.”

The Must-Attend Street Party

The centrepiece is the street party in the town centre, featuring a massive stage for live performances. Picture this: an open-air party with the crowd decked out in fancy dress, creating a twinkling sea of lights under the smoke cannons. This year, Rudimental set the stage alight, crafting unforgettable memories with every beat.

Late Night Clubs

The hardcore party doesn’t stop until the early hours. Dive into the Racket Club’s sets that pulsate through the crowd until 3 AM. And if you’re still standing, the Bruck’n’Stadl welcomes night owls until 6 AM. Just be warned: skiing the next morning might require an extra coffee or two!

The Hybrid Minds set at the Racket Club was a personal highlight this year; the atmosphere was charged, alive with a sea of people moving as one, elevated on friends’ shoulders, and truly embodied by the music.

Snowbombing Line Up

A standout feature of Snowbombing is undoubtedly its stellar lineup, consistently packed with heavy hitters that bring the mountains to life with their beats. This year, the festival outdid itself with headliners like the legendary Fatboy Slim, the electrifying Rudimental, and the mesmerising Hybrid Minds, among others. The music isn’t just heard; it’s felt. The sound waves ripple through your very being, synchronising every heartbeat to the rhythm, while the visual artistry of the light shows is nothing short of spectacular. Taking off my hat to the incredible teams that craft these experiences, my best friend and I were utterly captivated, lost in the each performance.

Packing for Snowbombing

Think cosy, comfy, and quirky! This laid-back festival will have you on the move from dawn till dusk, so opt for evening attire that says ‘chill vibes’. Think trainers, your favourite jeans, a chic top, and a warm hoodie for travelling to and from venues. Inside the clubs, it’s hot, so crop tops are all the rage, and it’s not uncommon to see the guys going au naturel up top. Ladies, those heels? They’re better off sitting this one out.

By day, a mini backpack is your best friend on the slopes, perfect for stashing snacks, drinks, and those essential sunnies. And remember, SPF 50 is absolutely essential against that sneaky mountain sun.

But here’s the real Snowbombing secret: don’t even think about forgetting your fancy dress gear. We learned the hard way our first year; it’s the golden ticket to the full experience. Whether it’s face glitter for the street party or a full-blown inflatable dinosaur getup, your outfit will be your passport to the heart of Snowbombing’s joyous and unique spirit. By nightfall, get ready to dive into a fantastic ocean of costumes, from traditional Lederhosen to comical Sumo suits, it’s a festival where your wildest wardrobe dreams become the norm.

Snowbombing Review

After three whirlwind nights at Snowbombing 2024, with minimal sleep but maximum enjoyment, you might wonder how anyone manages the full week. Yet, with its electric atmosphere, incredible live music, and relentless action, it’s no surprise that Snowbombing has earned its reputation as the pinnacle of winter festivals.

It’s astonishing how seamlessly Snowbombing pulls off such a grand, expansive event. There are no drink lines to worry about, though, yes, there’s the inevitable queue at the ladies’ loos (but what club doesn’t have one?). Each event is packed with fun, the app is user-friendly, and the customer service desk is a beacon of helpfulness, open all day.

However, a heads-up about the festival: the drink prices are steep, so you might want to budget for those heavy nights out and the cost of slope-side snacks. Pro tip? Pre-game while you’re getting ready and pack your backpack with goodies from the local shop to keep you fueled all day. But let’s face it, aren’t all UK festivals known for their pricey extras?

I can’t give Snowbombing anything less than a 9/10. It’s only the loo lines that nudge the score down a peg. For as long as I can keep up with the minimal sleep and maximum skiing, I’ll keep coming back to this incredible festival. Who’s ready to join the thrill next year?

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Snowbombing FAQs

Hopefully the below FAQs about Snowbombing will be helpful! If you have any further questions please do drop a comment in the chat and I’ll answer what I can 🙂

When is Snowbombing 2025?

Dates in April 2025 are yet to be released, but you can sign up for SB25 notifications to be first in the know when tickets go on sale.

Want to read about our Snowbombing review in 2023? Another epic trip, where lifetime memories have been made.

What’s the closest airport to Mayrhofen?

We explored endless possibilities from the UK. Innsbruck is the closest airport, at around 1 hour drive to Mayrhofen (70km) but the flights weren’t as often and were more expensive.

Salzburg is about 2.5 hours drive (180km) from Mayrhofen, but there are more frequent flights and they’re cheaper.

Munich is about 2.5 hours drive (190km) from Mayrhofen.

Before booking any flights, consider the transfer costs. Read on…

What transfer options do you have from the airports to Mayrhofen?

Snowbombing offer package holidays that include your hotel, transport (coach) and festival pass for the week. If you however want to build your own trip because you’re travelling for less days, the train or Snowbombing’s travel extras are the most cost effective way to travel from Salzburg.

How much are taxis from the airports to Mayrhofen?

I received multiple quotes for taxis from Salzburg to Mayrhofen (one way) and they were all over €280!

A taxi from Innsbruck to Mayrhofen (one way) is from €120

How much do the trains cost from the airports to Mayrhofen?

The train from Salzburg to Mayrhofen (one way) was €55

Tickets from Innsbruck to Mayrhofen (one way) from €18

Tickets from Munich to Mayrhofen (one way) from €50

How do I take the train from Salzburg to Mayrhofen?

The train journey from Salzburg to Mayrhofen is very beautiful and enjoyable. On leaving Salzburg airport you can either take the No. 2 bus (opposite the exit) to Salzburg main station (salzburg Hbf). They run every 15 minutes and you can buy a ticket from the machine at the bus stop for a few euros. It takes about 20 mins and you can’t miss your stop… it’s a huge square!

Alternatively, on collecting your suitcases, opt for an uber. Do not exit the airport and take a cab… they will charge you double the price of an uber! It was around €15 for an Uber and the taxi quoted €30.

On arriving to Salzburg Hbf use the ticket machines to purchase a ticket to Mayrhofen im Zillertal. Note: Tickets from the OBB ticket line are 10% more than the machines. Apparently this is the cost of ordering via a person these days!

Use Trainline to check your fastest route. Ideally you want the 1 change option at Jenbach. Approx 1 hour 30 mins. There is a great coffee shop and spa to stock up on supplies before your train.

At Jenback it looks like you have to swap for another station as your next train will depart from Jenbach Zillertalbahn but it’s simply another platform and a local train. The next train is super cute as travels through the small towns around Mayrofen. This will take approx 45 mins.

The train arrives at the South side of town, but you can walk up the high street within 10 minutes or grab a taxi from the rank at the station.

How do I take the train from Innsbruck to Mayrhofen?

Like the train from Salzburg, you will need to take the fast train from Innsbruck Hbf to Jenbach (approx 25mins) and then change for the local train (approx 45 mins). See Trainline for details.

How do I take the train from Munich to Mayrhofen?

Like the train from Innsbruck, you will need to take the fast train from München Hbf to Jenbach (approx 1h 25mins) and then change for the local train (approx 45 mins). See Trainline for details.

How much is a Snowbombing Transfer?

If you are leaving Snowbombing on the Saturday morning I highly recommend their transfers. The costs this year were £45pp to Innsbruck, £58pp to Munich or £58pp to Salzburg. The team have multiple pick up locations across the town, so you won’t have far to roll your cases. When you’re tired, simply loading the coach with your bags and falling asleep for a couple of hours it the way to go! Sadly this wasn’t an option for us on arrival as we didn’t arrive on day 1 of the festival.

Should I hire my Ski/ Snowboard equipment through Snowbombing Extras?

No. It’s more expensive. My recommendation is to pre-order everything you need from Brundl Sports, at the top of the Penkenbahn lift so you don’t have to lug your gear up the mountain. We found the staff very friendly and everything was ready for us. There are lockers available to leave everything to dry overnight for about €12.

Can I buy my lift pass separately?

You can purchase your lift pass at the base of the Penkenbahn lift for roughly £130 for 2 days. It’s a very similar price to what Snowbombing offer as extras.

Will I need a Snowbombing ticket?

You can access the slopes and most of the venues in the mountains without a wrist band to enjoy things like the Ski Olympics and Pond Skims. You will however need a ticket for entry into the evening venues; The FunHaus, Racket Club etc.

How much is a Snowbombing ticket?

Snowbombing include your wrist band (your weekly ticket) in with their packages which is a cheaper way of purchasing your holiday. If like us, you’re going for less days, they have been known to sell the Snowbombing ticket separately. You can only purchase it at a cost for the entire week. In 2024 it cost £249 pp.

Do I need to set up cashless?

Yes, all the clubs only accept cashless payment via your wristband so be sure to set this up on the app before you travel. One tip is to make sure you have Euros for the slopes too, as a few outdoors cafes only accept cash. Be sure to email customer services on your return to have any outstanding balances paid back.

Can I room share?

Yes. I recommend taking a look at Snowbombing’s Facebook Group. There’s a huge following and lots of posts about sharing accommodation.

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