I’m a bit of a yoga addict, so I can’t recommend this free date night at home idea highly enough.

Yoga’s main benefit is its ability to help the body decrease cortisol levels, thus reducing stress levels. What’s better than a relaxing yoga session with your date after a hard day at work? 

If like me, your New Year’s resolutions are around staying fit and healthy, and looking after your mental health, then this date night idea can help you achieve these goals, with the added benefit of spending quality time with your partner. Brownie points right there!

free date night at home; yoga for couples

Are you sold on this idea yet? 

No? Maybe this will convince you…

Research shows that yoga can significantly improve a couple’s sex life. If you can both perfect the art of de-stressing and learn to relax, you will be rewarded in the bedroom. The medical research, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine finds:

For women: sexual function significantly improved across the Sexual Function Index including desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction.

For men: improvements across all aspects of sexual satisfaction including intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, erection and orgasm.

Participants took yoga classes for 12 weeks. 

set the scene for yoga date night at home

Tips to a successful yoga date night at home

Light some candles (or even better incense if you have some), step onto your mats and enjoy releasing the tension in your body.

Find a yoga class online. You-tube has thousands of free beginner’s yoga tutorials. Don’t pick anything too advanced or energetic. The goal of the evening is to relax together, and not end up in A&E. I recommend Yoga with Adriene

Put the heating on. You want a dimly lit, warm environment to practice together.

Give it a few weeks to feel comfortable (and confident) in your practiced yoga poses and then perhaps invite your partner to try some new positions in the bedroom. A simple google will bring up wonders. Just don’t hurt yourself!  

What you’ll need

You’ll need:

  • 2 yoga mats. If you don’t have a mat, you could use a towel or blanket. (But do a slip test first!)
  • Incense / Candles
  • TV/Laptop to watch the yoga class
  • No interruptions – phones on silent!

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