This is a great date night idea for special occasions if you can’t/ don’t want to go out. 

It’s so rare an opportunity for most of us to get dressed up and also see a date in something other than jeans. For me, this was a pretty special evening that I’ll most definitely be doing again! (And I go weak at the knees when seeing a man in a suit, so any excuse! LOL)

date night at home; black tie evening

Valentine’s Date night at home

Here’s me on Valentine’s night for my Black-tie date night at home earlier this year. 

It’s the one night of the year that I refuse to be crammed in with another 50 tables. I get too bitter about eating mediocre food from a set menu. Not only that, but it’s a nightmare with my food intolerances and who needs diet issues on Valentine’s Day!

top tips for a successful black tie date night at home

Top tips for a successful black-tie date night

If you’re usually the nominated chef, you’re not going to want to spend your evening cooking in your black-tie attire. It’s more than ok to cheat on this occasion by purchasing ready-made food. I highly recommend M&S meal deals or ordering online from authentic pasta specialists Pasta Evangelists.

Just because this date night is at home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set the scene. Creating a beautiful table setting will add to your experience and doesn’t need to be expensive. If you don’t own any posh candles, take a trip to a store like B&M or Home Bargains. They always have a huge choice of candles and stands. 

Don’t forget to pick up some napkins and wine. Check you’ve got two wine glasses – you wouldn’t believe that I’ve now been on 3 dates where guys don’t own them LOL!

The whole point of getting dressed up is to spend a quality evening together. Absolutely no after dinner TV is allowed! Think about how you’ll spend the rest of your evening. Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Get a playlist ready to serenade your date with some romantic dancing
  2. Play a game. Ideas:
    • Never have I ever
    • Talk flirt dare
    • Poker
  3. Make cocktails together

What you’ll need:

Make sure you pick up:

  • Wine & Glasses
  • Candles
  • Napkins
  • Ready made food
  • Flowers – you’ll earn serious brownie points!
  • Black-tie attire

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