Can you believe it? The average Joe, from 35 to 54, is out there playing the dating game not once, not twice, but three times a month. That’s nearly a date every week. Isn’t that a second job in itself? Now, imagine the cycle: swipe, match, text, then – poof! Ghosted. Back to swiping, texting, and.. score – we’re onto a video call! But no sparks? Hit repeat.

Sound familiar? I’ve chalked up six dates in six months, and I’m here scratching my head, wondering how on Earth people are squeezing in a triple monthly rendezvous. If you’re a pro at this, I’m all ears, drop me a message! And if you’re craving a splash of originality in your dating repertoire, continue reading for some inspired date ideas that promise to break the monotony.

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The ‘Yawn’ Bar Date

So 25% of daters love the good old pub date. But hold on, 39% of daters are up for sober dating.

Now, if a match invites me to the pub for a first date, I can’t help but feel a wave of the ‘icks’. Let’s face it—the usual pub scene can be a yawn fest. Spark my curiosity! Show me the quirks of your personality. What makes you tick? (and no I’m not talking about your late night escapades either).

Why not mix it up? If you’re a gamer, why not a VR gaming session? Or if you’re sporty, take a swing in the batting cages? Trust me, you bond a whole lot more when you’re both knocking it out of the park—literally. Plus, fun fact: active people are happier and more satisfied with life. So, let’s drop the pub routine and aim for something that gets your adrenaline rushing!

And for those who venture into date territory where things get a bit more… intimate, don’t miss my top ‘sexy date ideas‘ to really get your pulse racing.

Dating Apps vs. Single Events

So, the verdict’s in: 55% of us are swiping right in the hopes of finding love, but a mere 15% have braved the world of singles events.

But hang on, because things just got interesting this Valentine’s Day 2024. A group of dating app aficionados filed a lawsuit against the big names like Tinder and Hinge, claiming these apps are designed to keep us hooked with their game-like thrills, constantly chasing that dopamine high. Mia Levitin, the author behind The Future of Seduction, put it perfectly,

“By hijacking the brain’s reward system, which privileges the short-term hit of dopamine over more long-term rewards, the design of dating apps encourages us to keep playing. It’s like the quick fix of junk food rather than enjoying a real meal.”

Makes you think, doesn’t it? So, why not cut the virtual candy crush and dive into the real deal? Imagine actually feeling the spark fly in real time, not just waiting for a text back. Get into the fast lane with your love pursuits and check out my top picks for singles event companies below.

Sober Dates Ideas

Get ready to hop off the bar stool and dive into some sober fun. I’ve scouted out some top sober date ideas in London and large cities. Not in those areas? No worries! These date ideas are becoming super popular, so check out your local areas for similar activities. In Hertfordshie? Check out 40 Things to do in Hertfordshire.

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

If you’re keen to escape reality for a bit, why not do it together? With a VR experience, you can travel to other worlds without leaving the city. Explore outer space, or solve mysteries together—it’s a date that’s sure to be memorable.

London; Be immersed in an exciting zombie or alien shooter for two in this one-hour VR experience at Navrtar in Ealing, East London. £72 for 2

Multiple locations; Dive into a magical adventure with the Alice in Wonderland VR Experience, available at six enchanting locations including Wembley, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Guildford. Become Alice and race against time to lift a vicious spell the Queen of Hearts has cast over Wonderland.


Slide into fun with a game of Shuffleboard. It’s all about skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck. Plus, the easy going pace of the game means there’s plenty of time to chat and laugh as you push your pucks to victory.

Gaming Experience

GameBox brings an unparalleled box game experience to various locations including London, Essex, Yorkshire, and Liverpool. Dive into a range of themes from the classic Ghostbusters to the modern thrill of Squid Games. Whether you’re teaming up to capture ghosts or competing to outlast each other, it’s a date filled with excitement and teamwork.

Clay Shooting

Pull, aim, fire! Indulge in a quintessentially British countryside adventure with a clay pigeon shooting experience designed for two. You’ll have 32 clays and cartridges at your disposal, complete with expert guidance and delightful seasonal treats to enhance your day. This classic outdoor activity is available in various locations including Aylesbury, Dartford, and Daventry, offering a memorable escape into rural tranquility.

The Big Bakes

Ready, set, bake! Dive into a baking challenge together at The Big Bakes. It’s a sweet way to collaborate and maybe show off your secret baking skills. Who knows, you might just cook up some chemistry along with your confections. Available in London and Birmingham

Ping Pong

Rally for romance with a game of ping pong. It’s fast-paced, it’s fun, and it’s a fantastic way to break the ice.

Escape Room

Escape the ordinary as you and your date decipher clues and solve puzzles in a race against time. Whether you escape or not, you’re guaranteed to have an adventure to remember.

Batting Cages

Swing, hit, repeat! The batting cages are perfect for a sporty date. Show off your home-run swing, or maybe just aim to hit the ball. It’s all in good fun and a great way to get active with your date.

Roof Top Games

London: Check out Roof East, Stratford’s hip hotspot, offering unique games like Arrows (like archery), Cornhole, glitter bowls, jumbo topple and more. Reopens in on the 18th April 2024.

Cambridge: From mini golf and shuffleboards to a rooftop terrace boasting breathtaking views, Tivoli offers an unforgettable date night experience that’s sure to impress. Read the full blog here; Tivoli Cambridge.

Sober Date Ideas in London

Ready to shake up the dating game without a cocktail in sight? Dive into our sober date ideas for some clear-headed fun that proves romance isn’t just about raising a glass!

Hot Tub, Guided London Cruise

Here’s a date idea that might be a bit bold for round one (because let’s be real, not everyone’s keen on rocking a bikini or trunks right off the bat), but hear me out. Imagine just chilling in a floating hot tub, soaking up the vibes while you meander through the iconic docklands of Canary Wharf. We’re talking 75 minutes of pure bliss and a unique view of the city, all starting from £45 per person. It’s definitely a way to make a splash in the dating scene.

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Neon Naked Life Drawing, London

Get glowing reviews on your date night with a Neon Naked Life Drawing class. It’s life drawing with a twist, featuring models covered in UV lights and vivid colours. It’s artistic, it’s definitely unique, and you’ll both have something to take home, even if it’s just a good laugh!

Dance Class, London

Beginners Ballroom & Latin Class London; Dive into a 45-minute Ballroom & Latin dance lesson at one of London’s esteemed Dance Studios, and let the rhythm guide you closer to your date. Whether you’re mastering the sensual sway of the rumba or engaging in the intimate embrace of the tango, this experience is sure to turn up the temperature and add a spark to your evening.

London’s Heart-racing Aerial Adventure Park

If you and your date are thrill-seekers at heart, Gripped is your ultimate playground with six heart-pounding adrenaline activities to choose from. Picture yourselves navigating aerial adventure courses high above the ground, racing down speed slides, and experiencing the rush of the Power Fan, essentially base-jumping without the parachute! Not to mention, tackling high ropes and zooming through a zip trek. From £45 per person.

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Scooter Tour of London

Imagine scooting around London on a date, zipping through iconic spots with the wind in your hair and a bunch of cool sights to chat about. From the lush Hyde Park to the grand Buckingham Palace, and from the towering Big Ben to the historic Westminster Abbey, you’re in for a ride that’s equal parts thrilling and chill. It’s the kind of quirky date that’ll give you both stories to tell and might just be the most fun you’ve had on two wheels.

Archery Taster Lesson, London

Fancy a unique date idea? Why not give archery a shot in London! You and your date can enjoy a 90-minute archery lesson that’s all about fun and learning the ropes of this ancient sport. With at least an hour dedicated to perfecting your aim, it’s a great way to bond and maybe even ignite a little friendly competition.

Aerial Yoga Class, London

Dive into the playful world of aerial yoga for an unforgettable date experience in London! You’ll learn how to use the swings and stirrups to master different yoga poses like the ‘Inverted Butterfly’. This is bound to create laughter and many memories

Axe Throwing, London

London Axe Throwing; Enjoy skilfully flinging axes at the all-important target and engage in a little light-hearted competition! £50 for 2, available at Target sports World.

Rent Canoes, Paddington

Embark on a journey through London’s historic waterways, starting an enchanting mini adventure from Paddington Basin on the Grand Union Canal. Enjoy the beauty and history of London from a unique vantage point on the water. This delightful date idea is available from just £50 for two, offering a blend of romance and exploration.

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Single Events

Ready to ditch the swipes for some face-to-face hellos? Check out these companies offering singles events across the UK. Still not sold? Read Why Speed Dating is the Perfect Alternative to Online Dating or find your local speed dating event near you.

Original Dating

Original Dating stands out as one of the UK’s largest singles event companies, with a vibrant presence in numerous major cities. My firsthand experiences with their speed dating and lock and key parties have given me plenty of insights to share. Check out my Original Dating Review.

Insider Tip: Grab a deal by subscribing to the Original Dating newsletter, which entitles you to 10% off your bookings. Plus, for the spontaneous at heart, keep an eye out for last-second ticket alerts. They’re a great way to help balance the crowd and might just score you a complimentary pass!

MUST Wine Dating Tasting Events

Raise the bar on your dating adventures with Must Wine’s exclusive Dating Tasting Events. Set within the chic atmosphere of select venues, these monthly gatherings invite you to swirl, sniff, and sip a selection of five handpicked wines. Designed to foster connections, their events welcome various age groups, offering tailored experiences for singles aged 25-40, 40-55, and 55+.

Locations: Find the perfect pairing in Hertfordshire’s quaint St Albans, or indulge in the urban charm at London locations in Hampstead, Wanstead, and Islington. Each setting promises a blend of sophistication and socialisation, sure to make for an unforgettable evening.

Cocktails & Conversation

Dive into the world of “Cocktails and Conversations,” where singles events and dating services meet the sophistication of upmarket London venues. It’s the perfect setting to forge meaningful connections. Get ready for an enchanting evening with their upcoming Cabaret Night, followed by an unforgettable night of live music and dancing in the heart of Knightsbridge. With tickets starting at just £20 and various membership options to choose from, your search for that special someone could take a delightful turn.

Slow Dating

Slow Dating has been the go-to for speed dating events since way back in Sept 2003. And guess what? Over 90% of their daters said they would recommend it to a friend to try. Over 80% of the folks strutting through their doors are walking out with at least one match under their belts, and more than half are doubling down with two or more matches from a single evening.

True Dating (London)

True Dating is known for their great choice of venues for speed dating events and singles parties in London. They carefully select some of the city’s prime locations that are strategically placed near transport links.

Date in a Dash

Date in a Dash has established itself as an experienced speed dating organiser over the past 12 years. They boast an impressive track record, having hosted more than 4,000 events which attracted over 60,000 participants! Locations: They’ve mostly got London covered, with venues dotted all around the city that are just perfect for making those connections.

Date Night Ideas

Hopefully you’re full of inspiration for your next date night! If you’re still looking for more, check out sexy date night ideas, or cheap date nights at home!

Why not take a look at our date night outfits guides for inspiration for your next date adventure. From casual date outfits that can be worn in the city from day to night, to pretty spring dresses, to faux leather leggings you can wear 20 ways.

The best of luck finding that special someone. Please share your dating stories, tips, and experiences with us.

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