Welcome to the most delicious day of the year, World Chocolate Day! We’ve put together a list of playful and engaging chocolate themed date ideas to make this World Chocolate Day unforgettable. Get ready to indulge in love and chocolate!

When is World Chocolate Day?

World Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on the 7th July, making it the perfect occasion to indulge in these delightful chocolate-inspired date ideas.

Get Creative with Chocolate

Ready to unleash your inner chocolatier? These creative chocolate date ideas are perfect for couples looking to have fun and make something special together. From crafting sweet treats to cooking up a spicy surprise.

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Drizzle Chocolate Over Strawberries; Simple yet elegant. Dip strawberries in melted chocolate for a romantic treat. Bonus points for feeding them to each other! Here’s how to make chocolate covered strawberries.

Make Chocolate Ice Lollies; Unleash your creativity and make your own chocolate ice lollies. Personalise them with your favourite toppings, think nuts, sprinkles, or bits of fruit, and enjoy your sweet creations together. To get started, check out the wide variety of ice lolly moulds available on Amazon. Here’s a fabulous recipe for ‘Berry and Chocolate Ice Lollies‘ (slightly healthy option using natural yoghurt).

Whip Up Chocolate Mousse; A classic choice! Spend an afternoon whipping up a velvety chocolate mousse. Enjoy it while watching your favourite romantic movie. Here’s 8 indulgent chocolate mousse recipes to pick from.

Make Spicy Chocolate and Chilli Con Carne; Add some heat to your evening with a spicy chocolate chilli con carne. Cooking together can be a fun and delicious bonding experience. Here’s a very tasty recipe by The Hairy Bikers; Beef chilli with chocolate. I highly recommend it!

Make Her Chocolate Pancakes; Start the day with love by making her chocolate pancakes. Serve them in bed for an extra special touch. Why not try something a little different, take a look at Nadiya Hussain‘s Banana and peanut butter pancakes with chocolate sauce.

If you’re a creative couple, love to cook, or would simply like to find more cheap date night ideas at home, take a look at our blog ’40 Creative Date Night Ideas‘.

Date Night Ideas with Chocolate

Ready to spice up your date night? Chocolate is not only delicious but also the perfect ingredient for romance. From cosy campfires to indulgent spa nights, these date ideas will add a touch of sweetness to your evening. Whether you prefer playful activities or romantic gestures, there’s something here for every couple to enjoy.

Light a Fire and Make S’mores; Nothing beats the cosy intimacy of a campfire. Roast marshmallows, melt some chocolate, and sandwich them between cookies. Learn ‘how to make S’mores‘.

Make Chocolate Cocktails Together; Mix up some delicious chocolate cocktails. Think chocolate martinis or spiked hot chocolate. For inspiration, take a look at these Chocolate Cocktail recipes from Liquor.com, they look simply divine!

Bake a Chocolate Cake Blindfolded; For a fun and messy adventure, try baking a chocolate cake blindfolded. Teamwork and laughter are guaranteed!

Enjoy a Blindfold Chocolate Fondue Night; Turn up the romance with a blindfold chocolate fondue. Feed each other various treats dipped in chocolate for a sensory delight. Need a Chocolate Fondue Recipe?

Drip Chocolate Ice Cream Over Each Other; For the adventurous couple, get a bit daring with chocolate ice cream. Drizzle it over each other and enjoy licking it off. Playful and intimate!

Light a Chocolate Candle and Enjoy a Massage Night; Set the mood with a chocolate-scented candle. Give each other massages for a relaxing and aromatic evening.

Indulge in Chocolate Face Masks; Pamper yourselves with homemade chocolate face masks. It’s relaxing, fun, and leaves your skin feeling fabulous. Check out these cocoa bean face masks.

    Create a Chocolate Body Paint Session; Unleash your artistic side with edible chocolate body paint. Take turns painting designs on each other and then enjoy licking it off. Find Chocolate Body Paint on Amazon.

    Have a Chocolate Bath Together; Draw a warm bath and add cocoa-scented bath bombs or chocolate bath oil. Relax and enjoy the soothing, aromatic experience together.

    Chocolate Body Scrub Night; Create a homemade chocolate body scrub and give each other exfoliating massages. It’s a fun, intimate way to pamper each other and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

    If you like the idea of an intimate date night, take a look at our guides ‘sexy date night ideas‘ and ‘sexy games for couples.

    Day Date Ideas with Chocolate

    Looking for a delightful way to spend the day with your special someone? Infuse your daytime adventures with the rich and delectable allure of chocolate. These date ideas are perfect for couples who want to explore, learn, and indulge in their love for chocolate while enjoying each other’s company.

    Book a Chocolate Making Class; Learn the art of chocolate making from the experts. Create your own truffles and bond over the shared experience.

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    Visit a Chocolate Experience; Explore a chocolate factory or a chocolate museum. Learn about the history of chocolate and sample various types.

    Take a Chocolate-Themed Walking Tour; Discover the best spots in your city with a guided chocolate walking tour. Sample different chocolates and learn about their unique qualities.

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    Enjoy a Chocolate Picnic Pack a picnic basket with a variety of chocolate treats, think chocolate-dipped fruits, brownies, and a thermos of hot chocolate. Find a scenic spot and indulge together.

    Go Out for Hot Chocolates; Visit a quaint coffee shop and savour hot chocolates together.

    Attend a Chocolate Tasting Event; Join a chocolate tasting event and expand your palate by sampling chocolates from around the world. Share your favourites and enjoy discovering new flavours together.

    Have a Chocolate Brunch; Start your day with a chocolate-themed brunch. Visit a café known for its chocolate pastries, or make chocolate pancakes, waffles, and croissants at home.

      Feel free to mix and match these date ideas or add your own twist. The goal is to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate your sweet love. So, grab your partner, some chocolate, and make this World Chocolate Day the sweetest one yet! 🍫❤️

      Happy World Chocolate Day!

      This blog contains affiliate links.

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