At what point should I get a complex about dating men that then move away? As a serial online dater, of course I’ve had bad dates that I never talk to again, but it’s a bit excessive when your date moves country the very next day! 

My friends are starting to nickname me the man repeller as in the past 6 months I’ve had a date:

Move to Devon. Recently, I dated a charming French man with a very alluring accent, a rewarding job, a child the same age as my son, he could cook, we enjoyed the same music, had the same travel aspirations. I mean “Oh la la”, he ticked every bloody box” (oh, except the height one, he was just within tolerance). I was getting excited about this guy and then he announced that he was moving across the country! 

Move to Germany. Who wouldn’t want to have a date salsa dancing the night away with a very attractive, dance champion? He had a great career, wonderful smile and the conversation flowed just as well as his hips did on the dance floor. He was a gentleman and walked me to my train where we exchanged a kiss that was the perfect end to my dreamy evening. The next morning, he came clean and told me that he’d been offered a job in Germany, and I never saw him again.

I mean is it me, or am I just really unlucky?

Sadly, I don’t believe in long distance relationships as it’s hard enough, as a single mum working full time, to find a free evening, let alone travel 4 hours for a date! Back to the dating apps for me!

Have you ever watched the film, Serendipity? Two people have an unexpected evening together having bumped into each other in a department store. The women writes her name and number in a book that she gives to charity and lets fate decide if they should ever meet again… I’ll let you watch the film rather than spoil the ending. 

online dating man repeller

I often relate to this film when dating because so many factors come into play, our jobs, our children, our lifestyle, having different dating goals and so much more.

There’s definitely something in me that believes in fate because so many elements have to come together to even get to date number 3, and in my dating experience that doesn’t happen very often at all!

Do you have any wise words of wisdom? Have you experienced similar things whilst online dating?

If you’re a single guy reading this that meets all of the below dating criteria, and are not moving to another country soon, get in touch LOL:

  • Very active lifestyle (can’t help that I like muscly arms)
  • Slim and of course attractive 
  • Have your own teeth
  • Don’t have a comb over
  • Own an iron and press their clothes before a date
  • Have great dress sense
  • Live within 30 miles of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Have children
  • Aged 37-45
  • At least 6 feet tall
  • Like to cook
  • Career driven
  • Like to go out. I’m not one for staying in
  • Love to travel
  • Foodie
  • Can drive
  • Doesn’t mind an extrovert (watch out for the story to come on this)

Thanks for reading. 

Eleni x

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