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I started my dating online journey in November 2020 and to say I was nervous about the idea is a huge understatement. My last date was 12 years earlier when I don’t believe dating online was even a thing?

So the easy bit was choosing an app… My first dating app to try was Hinge (see all the online dating apps I’ve tried here) but then came the scary part, the dating profile. What the hell do people write about themselves? I needed to sound witty but sane, interesting but not nerdy, like I had some clue of what I was doing!

For some absurd reason, I decided to ask for help with my profile at Sunday lunch. My family are my world, the most caring, supportive, banter bloody loving lot….it went a little something like this

“Lel, you’re going to be such a catch. Good luck finding someone to put up with all the things that make you irritable” 

“How about, I’m looking for someone that doesn’t slurp their coffee, drag their feet, chew loudly or scrape the cutlery across their plate”
“Beware, if you don’t feed me, a hangry version of me will bite your head off”

Noted to self; I had some work to do on controlling my inner gremlins. 

After several hours of endlessly sorting through photos I settled with:

  1. A photo with friends (I’m not a loner)
  2. A photo of a hobby (I have interests)
  3. A selfie from a night out (I scrub up ok)
  4. A fitness photo (I want to meet someone likeminded)
  5. A holiday snap (I want to meet someone that likes to travel.

My dating profile included statements of:

  1. Things I go crazy for 
  2. An overshare 
  3. Believe it or not

If it wasn’t hard enough I started dating in the middle of Covid. In-between the national lockdowns I had the joy of many walking dates until March 2021 when restrictions started to ease and I exchanged my wellies for pub drinks, but of course one must have been home by their 10pm government curfew!  

So where did I go wrong with online dating / am I still going wrong?

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