When choosing my first international solo holiday, the opportunity to zip line through Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest proved irresistible. Coupled with hiking, encountering monkeys, spotting humpback whales, exploring stunning waterfalls, and discovering national parks, zip lining emerged as a thrilling highlight that sealed the deal. Tickets booked, I couldn’t wait for this adventure!

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On day 4 of my G Adventures solo travel experience in Costa Rica, the group that I now felt very at home with traveled by van and boat across a crocodile-infested lake to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. By night, I participated in a thrilling night walk, which involved seeing scorpions, tarantulas, and a sodding venomous green viper snake. Not something I’m in a rush to do again, but the thrill was something else. However, it didn’t compare to the adrenaline rush from zip-lining through the forests and a 40m high Tarzan swing.

We visited an adventure park high in the Monteverde forests called 100% Aventura, which boasts the longest zip line in Costa Rica, at almost a mile long! The zip lines start small and slower for you to gain confidence and gradually get longer as you travel around the high tops within the trees. There’s a total of nine zip lines, and this photo shows a map of each length. There’s even an abseil and a walk across a hammock bridge before you commence on the giant zip lines.

A small 4×4 collects you and takes you higher into the mountains up the dirt track (literally through a jungle LOL) until you’re told to get out and hike the remaining few meters… so steep and low on oxygen due to being 5000 feet above sea level. Here you get to experience the true thrill of a Superman zip line with the most breathtaking views towering over miles and miles of forest and rolling mountains. An experience that is so rare to have in your life.

After all the zip-lining fun, you get the choice of taking part in the Tarzan jump. My best friend has dubbed me the ‘yes girl,’ so as my fellow group members took one look at it and pulled out, I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t go for it. I believe that there were only four from our group that did the jump in the end, and my god… those few seconds that you’re free-falling, no screams can escape your mouth, your stomach is in your throat, and you can feel the wind in your face. A terrifying and exhilarating experience that I would 100% do again. Even with leggings on, I experienced small burns on my bottom from the harness. But totally and utterly worth it LOL. I can only compare the feeling to what a child might experience after five coffees for the first time: shaking, excited, grinning like a Cheshire cat for hours. Even writing about it, I’m sitting here smiling at the screen.

What is Monteverde?

Hailed as “the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves” by National Geographic, Monteverde is a whole world of natural wonders. Popping in and out of the clouds, it’s a rare ecosphere of a thousand greens, where biodiversity thrives across habitats found nowhere else on Earth. The altitude also causes Monteverde to be extremely windy, something that is constant throughout the year. You’ll notice my hair is windswept in the photos, LOL. The temperature is certainly cooler than the beaches, so you’ll need a sweater and a rain jacket. Be prepared to get muddy footwear too!

What to do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde is packed with incredible experiences, but there are three things you can’t leave without doing:

  1. Zip Line Experience: This is a must-do for thrill-seekers. Soar above the treetops and take in breathtaking views of the cloud forest.
  2. Monteverde Night Walk: If you’re not on a tour, Get Your Guide offers multiple options for wildlife and night tours in Monteverde.

  1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: Trek up to the Elfin Forest to experience the fog and the thick shawl of plants that withstand the strong cool northeast winds. It’s quite unnerving that you cross just meters to the other side to experience a continental divide. This geographic line marks the boundary between the two hydrographic watersheds on a continental scale. The water that falls to your left will lead to the Atlantic Ocean, whereas the right will lead to the Pacific Ocean. This side was sunny and warm.. It really was the weirdest feeling. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the hummingbirds in there tens feeding from the stations hanging in the trees. We also had the joy of watching monkeys leisurely playing in the wild.

More Adventures in Monteverde

Monteverde is truly a magical place with so much to offer. From thrilling adventures to serene natural beauty, it’s a destination that should be on every traveler’s list.

Where to Stay in Monteverde, Costa Rica

During our adventure in Monteverde, we stayed at the charming Historias Lodge. This rustic lodge offered a cosy log cabin style decor in the rooms, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. While the bathroom was basic, the overall cleanliness and comfort made up for it. The staff were incredibly friendly and attentive, ensuring we had everything we needed for a pleasant stay.

The lodge’s well-maintained garden and balcony space added to the serene ambiance, making it a perfect spot to relax after a day of exploring. The beds were comfy, allowing us to get a good night’s sleep before our next adventure.

Historias Lodge is conveniently located near great restaurants and a local shop for any supplies you might need. One of the highlights was the stunning sunset spot nearby, which is so beautiful that people travel for miles just to witness it. The picturesque sunsets were truly Instagram-worthy and added a magical touch to our stay in Monteverde.

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My G Adventures Solo Experience

I haven’t always been an adrenaline junkie, but after my divorce, I decided it was time to find myself and truly start living my best life. Solo traveling became a fantastic option for me as a single person wanting to see the world. Now, my favourite weekends and trips are those where I get to try new experiences. If you’re in the same place, I can’t recommend G Adventures highly enough. I’ve made friends that I still message every day, even six months after the trip. We all shared a love for the great outdoors, and I just know that in 20 years, we’ll still be great friends.

Live, laugh, love! Go explore and be happy! x

This article contains affiliate links.

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