Welcome to Day 2 of my unforgettable journey with G Adventures, a day that marked the first official gathering of our vibrant solo holiday group in the heart of Costa Rica. Embracing the spirit of adventure and the joy of new connections, we embarked on a day filled with unexpected delights, rich cultural experiences, and the breathtaking natural beauty that Costa Rica is renowned for. As a solo traveler, I found myself in the company of like-minded adventurers, all eager to explore the wonders of this Central American paradise. From the aromatic fields of a coffee plantation to the rejuvenating waters of La Fortuna’s hot springs, join me as I recount the experiences that made this G Adventures solo holiday a truly remarkable escapade.

Morning Adventure: Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour, Alajuela

As someone who isn’t a devout coffee aficionado, the prospect of visiting a coffee plantation initially didn’t spark much enthusiasm in me. However, my experience at Mi Cafecito completely altered my perspective. The tour unveiled the intricate journey of coffee beans, distinguishing between the subpar and the sublime – those ripe, fairtrade, organically handpicked gems. This insight might just make you ponder your regular £5 Starbucks indulgence, especially when you learn about the beetles’ role in the quality of beans!

Our tour unexpectedly veered into a delightful realm of spirits, featuring a tasting session of exquisite coffee liquor and potent moonshine, complemented by fresh sugar cane syrup crafted by our group. The friendly competition among us during the cane crushing was a highlight – the battle of the sexes brought plenty of laughter.

The plantation’s expansive grounds, nestled in the rugged mountainside, offered us a breathtaking hike. We encountered an array of wildlife, including the striking golden orb spider and glimpsed deep canyons extending for miles. The rich biodiversity was a true marvel of Costa Rica.

Lunch was a delightful affair, featuring the traditional Casados – a hearty mix of rice, beans, plantains, salad, and a choice of meat or fish. We dined in a quaint, rustic restaurant, surrounded by the serene beauty of the plantation.

Tip: When embarking on this tour, arm yourself with mosquito repellent and carry smaller notes for tipping. Also, don’t miss out on purchasing some of their exquisite coffee from the gift shop.

Wildlife Encounters: The white-nosed coati, vultures, bat falcons, golden orb spiders, sloths, and iguanas.

Afternoon Delight: Hot Springs in La Fortuna

My expectations for the hot springs in La Fortuna were modest, perhaps envisioning a couple of quaint, naturally-formed pools. What awaited, however, was an extraordinary experience akin to an adult’s playground, surpassing all my expectations.

solo holidays with G Adventures; hot springs

The thrill of water slides in complete darkness set our hearts racing. The variety of pools, alternating between hot and cold, invigorated our bodies, while the swim-up bar was the proverbial cherry on top. This evening was a perfect antidote to our long journey to Costa Rica – a sublime blend of relaxation and excitement. The charismatic Spanish bar attendants and the DJ’s vibrant beats elevated the ambiance further.

Relaxing with my friends, cocktail in hand, under the starlit sky, was the epitome of bliss. This experience in La Fortuna was not just a dip in a hot spring; it was an immersive, rejuvenating adventure that epitomised the Costa Rican ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.

Discover the Beauty of Solo Holidays

As the sun set on an exhilarating day in Costa Rica with G Adventures, I found myself reflecting on the sheer joy and liberation that solo travel brings. I invite you to delve into my blogs ‘Discovering the Beauty of Solo Holidays in Costa Rica‘ and ‘A Thrilling Twilight Trek with G Adventures‘.

Stay tuned for more stories and insights, as each day unveils a new chapter in this beautiful journey of solo discovery.

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