When was the last time that you wanted to discuss something awkward with a partner but chickened out? Here’s the 5 things that I wish I could openly discuss with men when dating. (Click if you’d rather listen to Be Dating Beautiful’s podcast of this dating blog)

1) Manscaping

How is it some guys go to town with a complete BSC (back, sack and crack hair removal) and some pretend that manacaping doesn’t exist? In the attempt to back up my point here, I found figures from Statista, that show:

  •     50% of 25-49 year old’s trim their private region 
  •     6% remove absolutely everything

Whilst researching, I came across Manscaped, a brand dedicated to male grooming and I couldn’t resist sharing details of their performance package:

  • The Lawn Mower (Electric trimmer)
  • Weed Whacker (Ear & nose hair trimmer)
  • Crop Preserver (Anti-chafing ball deodorant)
  • Crop Reviver (Ball spray toner)

I admit I had a little giggle over their product photo which includes a newspaper headline ‘We save balls’ 😂. Who knew that men used sprays on their private region… perhaps a question for my next date?? LOL.

Having spoken to my friends about the hairy men (aka chimps) I’ve dated, the verdict is always 100% clear that men should be trimming. However, there is definitely some variation in the desire for a waxed vs hairy chest and the intensity of a private trim.

So guys, please do us a favour and get the trimmer out. But, before removing everything, go and ask your significant other what it is they like, and for your next date night it’ll be a nice surprise. 

2) Your hair is not doing you any favours

When dating men in their 40s, of course it’s to be expected that hairlines may be receding, or thinning. It’s common that guys opt for a buzz cut, or a complete razor shave to exude their masculinity and totally rock their look..… I mean look at Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hardy 🥰

I dated a gentleman that had short hair and his bald patch was hardly noticeable. However, after 2 months, his hair was hanging over his ears and his comb over reminded me of my grandad which was anything but sexy! 

I completely appreciate that as a lady, I can simply dye my hair every 6 weeks to stop the annoyance of greys shouting hello from the bloody rooftops, but guys, short hair is much more attractive than a comb over any day! If you’re dating, please do yourself a favour and visit the barber’s!

3) You couldn’t even be bothered to iron your shirt?!

I like to make a lot of effort for a date and don’t think it’s too much to ask for guys to spend a few minutes pressing their clothes. I mean, if you can’t even be bothered to iron your shirt, you’re pretty much promoting the fact you’re lazy!

4) Your old boxers are a major turn off! 

According to this WWD article, women’s sexy lingerie sales surged by +244% in lockdown, so if ladies are making the effort to look their best, is it too much to ask men to stop wearing washed out, ripped elastic, turn off boxers?!

Undressing is supposed to be sensual and sexy! I’ve dated men who have completely ruined the moment with  old pants and holes in their socks. Yuck..Sort it out!

5) We need to work on your dress sense

I’m no guru but I’ve lost count of the number of occasions I’ve been out on dates where guys are committing serious fashion faux pas. Here’s what not to wear; 

  • Ill fitting jeans (no one wants to see your butt crack, your hem’s drag along the floor, or your crown jewels)
  • Polo necks that are too tight (really, you’re trying to give yourself a double chin?)
  • Hat’s whilst eating dinner (where are your manners?)
  • Dirty footwear (just no!)
  • Socks with sliders (you’re on a freaking date!)

On the rare occasions that I’ve been able to oversee the style drama, I’ve spent half the evening considering how soon I can suggest a shopping trip, rather than listening to the endearing conversation (which has got me into trouble for not listening).

However brutally honest I may be sometimes, I haven’t found a way to discuss these turn off’s whilst dating. Why? I guess I hate the idea of hurting someone’s feelings. 

Flipping the coin for a second though, if a date told me he didn’t want to see me again because he didn’t like my style/ hair colour/or whatever else, I’d think that’s great constructive feedback, and prefer that any day to,

“I just don’t think we’re a good fit”

So, in summary, I believe I simply need to MAN UP!?

Thanks for reading. 

Eleni x

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