When you hear about a brunch themed around “The Greatest Showman,” your expectations naturally soar. This film, with its dazzling performances, memorable songs, and captivating scenes, sets a high bar. Unfortunately, my recent experience at “The Greatest Brunch” left much to be desired, earning a rather underwhelming 6/10 score.

Lackluster Theatrical Performance

One of the biggest letdowns was the limited reference to “The Greatest Showman.” For an event promising to bring the magic of the movie to life, it was sorely lacking in iconic scenes and theatrical flair. The singers undoubtedly had talent, but the overall production was a letdown. Rather than immersing us in the spectacle, much of the time was spent on audience interaction, sing-alongs, and photo opportunities, which felt like fillers rather than part of a cohesive performance.

Disorganised Schedule

The timing of the event was another issue. After arriving, it took a full two hours before the actual show began. With the performance itself lasting only about 1 hour and 15 minutes, the anticipation quickly turned into frustration. A bottomless brunch should have a seamless flow, yet this one felt disjointed and poorly timed.

Subpar London Bottomless Brunch Experience

The bottomless brunch component, a highlight for many, was disappointingly managed. We were seated at a table of six, and the slow service became evident immediately. Only one bottle of prosecco was provided as the timer started, barely filling five glasses. Requests for additional bottles and alternatives like rum punch were met with delays, and in some cases, our table was simply overlooked. Non-alcoholic options were also lacking, with hesitant staff offering only basic choices like Coke or lemonade instead of a more creative mocktail.

Dietary Mishaps and Uninspired Food

Dietary requests were submitted ahead of time, but these were not adequately addressed. Despite notifying them of a no-cheese requirement, a pesto bagel containing cheese was served. The mistake was acknowledged, but the offered substitute, a Tesco meal deal, was far from satisfactory. Eventually, they did provide a bagel from a local shop, but this error highlighted a significant concern for those with serious allergies.

The overall food quality was disappointing, served in uninspired cardboard boxes. We received a dry bagel, a brownie, a muffin, and some fruit and they forgot about the yoghurt and granola. The brunch felt more like a haphazard packed lunch than a delicious brunch experience that the price would suggest.

The brunch menu advertised

‘The Greatest Brunch’ Final Thoughts

While the singing talent was undeniable, “The Greatest Brunch” fell short in almost every other aspect. The lack of a cohesive theatrical performance, the disorganized schedule, slow and inattentive service, and subpar food offerings left me feeling that my £70 (£75 inc fees) could have been better spent on a good theatre ticket. This brunch turned out to be painfully average.

In the end, “The Greatest Brunch” was a missed opportunity to bring the magic of “The Greatest Showman” to a live, interactive setting. With better planning, attention to detail, and respect for the guests’ expectations, it could have been an unforgettable experience. Instead, it served as a reminder that sometimes, not all that glitters is gold.

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