For those seeking an enchanting date location in London, look no further than Elan Cafe. Tucked away just off the iconic Oxford Street on Market Place (and with branches dotted around the city), this captivating cafe promises an unforgettable date experience. Elan Cafe sets a relaxed stage for a journey filled with friendly ambience, mouthwatering delights and a setting that exudes pure beauty.

Elan Cafe’s are renowned for being listed highly on London’s most instagrammable cafes and rightfully so. Every corner is brimming with elegance and sophistication. Their meticulous attention to detail with floral arrangements, shoppable art, pink furnishings and lets not forget the cakes! A jaw dropping selection of sweet delights that will win you some brownie points with your date!I

Much to our surprise, the food was presented with the same stunning beauty as it appeared on the menu. Delicate edible flowers adorned our dishes like masterpieces, almost too exquisite to indulge in. As we savoured our first bites, we were delighted to discover that the flavours matched the artistry of the plating, making the experience memorable.

A Beautiful Date Destination

While celebrating my birthday at Elan Cafe was a treat in itself, I couldn’t help but think that this place would make an excellent choice for a first date in London. Its picturesque setting and cosy atmosphere create an ideal backdrop for getting to know someone new. The staff were very friendly and we were able to have a very relaxed conversation without loud coffee machines growling in the background.

Elan Cafe’s Locations

Elan Cafe’s popularity has led to multiple branches being established across the city. Find the perfect branch for your date:

  • Mayfair: Park Lane
  • By Knightsbridge: Brompton Road, Hans Crescent and Lowndes Street
  • By Oxford Street: Selfridges and Carnaby Street
  • Soho: Wardour Street
  • Also find El&n branches at Kings Cross, Heathrow airport and Manchester Traford Palazzo.

What Next?

If you’re fortunate enough that your date is a hit, suggest grabbing a signature coffee to go. Then, take a leisurely stroll through the lively streets of Carnaby Street. Alternatively, within a mere 15 minutes’ walk, you can find yourselves in the romantic settings of either Regents Park or Hyde Park, adding a touch of enchantment to your day.

Further Reading

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