The Tipping Point: Factors Leading to Burnout

Two months today, I found myself at a turning point. Laying in a hospital bed, my body and mental health were in dire need of respite. Surrounded by a hum of machines and the relentless poke of needles for tests and IVs, I was diagnosed with burnout, a term I’d heard but never truly understood.

Life had dealt me a series of blows. I faced the end of a four-year job that left a bitter taste, rejection from the man I loved and the disappointment of cancelled holidays. December’s chill was made colder as I watched couples revel in festive spirit, while I battled loneliness and a lack of motivation. My response was to retreat to the gym, channelling frustration into physical exertion.

Coming home from the hospital, I realised the hard truth: I had neglected my body’s desperate pleas for rest. I’d done this to myself!

With a solo holiday to Costa Rica looming, I was determined to heal – not just physically, but emotionally too. I swallowed my pride and reached out to family and friends to help me pull things together for Christmas and I was overwhelmed by their generosity to support me.

Preparing myself for a trip of rejuvenation, I was grateful to have regained the strength to embark on such an adventure. The experience proved to be nothing short of transformative. Honouring my body’s whispers for rest, I even opted for a solo walk through a beautiful nature reserve over an adrenaline filled day! This choice filled me with a revitalised energy, setting the stage for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. It was an evening wrapped in the vibrant sounds of live Spanish music, the taste of exotic cocktails, and the joy of dancing under a tropical rain with the locals, a celebration of life’s simple yet profound pleasures.

The Journey to Gratefulness

In my blog ‘Discovering the Beauty of Solo Holidays in Costa Rica’ I delve into the book, ‘Manifest, 7 steps to living your best life’. Reading against the backdrop of sandy shores, I realised that I’d been so busy chasing love that I’d overlooked the incredible things already present in my life.

I’m so utterly grateful for my health (something I massively took for granted), my beautiful son, the loving friends and family I have in my life and the financial stability to travel.

Inspired by Roxie Nafousi’s insights on cultivating healthy routines, I’ve embraced a new morning ritual. Twenty days in, yoga has replaced social media scrolls, infusing my mornings with purpose and positivity. Listening to my body, sometimes just a gentle 10 minutes stretch transforms my morning grogginess into a harmony of gratitude, other days a more robust half-hour flow primes me for the day ahead.

Navigating Life’s Challenges

Yet, the path to self-discovery isn’t without its stumbles. Since returning home, my search for a genuine connection has been met with the all-too-familiar games of deceit, serving as stark reminders of the complexities and toxicities often found in the dating world.

Among these was a match with a man who described our meeting as a true ‘sliding doors moment’. He appeared to be everything I was looking for; resonating deeply with me, particularly with our shared Greek heritage that enriched our hours-long nightly conversations. The warm embrace we shared when we met felt akin to the joyful reunions at an airport arrival hall. We had an incredible connection!

The date itself was a romantic’s dream: a man who combined allure with chivalry, a spread of delicious small plates complemented by cocktails, engaging eye contact, and a night of passion. It was a script from the most enchanting of stories, until the following day delivered a sobering twist. His text arrived, ‘I had a wonderful evening together, but lets leave things there.”

The sting of feeling like a plaything hurts!

Nurture what brings you happiness

As a single mum, my time is precious, and I’ve now chosen to prioritise my passions and wellbeing over the unpredictable tides of dating (for now anyway).

The message is simple: nurture what brings you happiness. For me right now, it’s the tranquillity of yoga, the rhythm of salsa, and the thrill of skiing. For you? Discover it, embrace it, and let it flourish!

As I reflect on this transformative journey from the depths of burnout to the heights of gratitude, I’m reminded of our resilience that pulls us through life’s challenges. In sharing my story, I hope to inspire you to take that first step towards a routine that celebrates you.

As John C. Maxwell aptly said, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

Now go and find what brings you happiness, for we only have one life!

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