Sometimes, the best experiences in life are those that are unplanned, spontaneous and even a tad reckless. Take my whimsical decision to attend the Wellnergy festival that I stumbled upon the day before the event. Little did I know, that this spur-of-the-moment purchase would result in such a heartwarming and relaxing adventure.

My first experience of Voga

Have you ever imagined striking vogue poses in the midst of a yoga session? Me neither! But that’s what the festival offered in the form of throwing shapes, an innovative mash-up of yoga, dance, and voguing. A quirky mix, Voga is inspired by Ibiza, house music, and 80s pop culture and I made sure that I arrived to the festival bright and early so I wouldn’t miss it!

At the beginning of the routine, I felt pretty stupid as my low self confidence screamed at me, but eventually, blocking out my insecurities, I allowed myself to flow to the rhythm, transitioning from Warrior pose to Madonna-esque moves. The experience was as surreal as it gets, but it really was a party on the mat and a crowd pleaser! As the class came to a close, my fellow yogis had really embraced their camera ready yoga adaptations!

Wellness Stage

Dr Alex found himself in a battle with a fly-by of 70 aircrafts celebrating the King’s birthday. Ever the trooper, he managed to deliver a moving talk on mental health, emphasising the importance of how to spot poor mental health in friends or family by simply asking twice, ‘Are you okay?’.

Alex did more than just share a few stories and advice; he painted a picture of the silent battles we often overlook. His session reminded me that we each have the ability to make a difference, not only through helping family or colleagues, but by protecting our own mental wellbeing. Amidst the flurry of aircraft and the buzz of the festival, his message of empathy and the sheer importance of mental health awareness was powerful.

The exercise

The Wellnergy festival is your ultimate fitness playground with a staggering array of activities that cater to all fitness levels. From energetic jump rope sessions, to dance fitness classes.

For the hardcore, the festival served up intense HIIT sessions and full-body workouts. (Much too intense for someone that had a 2 hour commute home – I couldn’t possibly put travellers through that. LOL)

I did however have my own playground fun with a touch of hula hooping. Having seen how much everyone’s faces lit up with pure joy as they released their inner child, I had to give it a go. As soon as I found my swing, I equally couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. There’s something so fixating about it…I just didn’t want to put it down! If I lived in London, I’d most definitely be trying their Hula Fit workshop.

The highlight of my day though, was practising yoga in the beautiful sunshine, sharing the serenity of the beautiful flow with a hundred other wellness enthusiasts. It’s the kind of experience we don’t come across very often in our busy lives, allowing ourselves to relax, find calmness, and recharge in such an inspiring setting.

Nutrition tent

What was most surprising about the day, was the insightful sessions on ADHD. As a mum of an ADHD child, these sessions hit home and filled me with ideas to try at home. I even won a book by Dr. Rachel Gow titled ‘Smart Foods for ADHD and Brain Health’ by correctly answering a question during her insightful session about how nutrition influences behaviour and moods.

Wellnergy festival review

You do not want to miss this festival next year. What’s not to love about recharging your mind, body, and soul! A rare opportunity to gift yourself the experience of a million hugs!

Overall score 9/10

Wellnergy event details

  • Wellnergy, in June 2023 was held at Barn Elms Sports Centre, London SW13 9SA.
  • The closest train stations are Barnes or Barnes Bridge which are both a short 15/20 minute walk from the station. 
  • The closest tube stations are either Putney Bridge or Hammersmith
  • Over 75 talks and workshops are included with your ticket
  • Access to a wonderful selection of nutritious food

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