Halloween isn’t just for kids; it’s also a perfect occasion to add some spooky fun to your romantic life! If you’re in Hertfordshire this Halloween season and are looking for some hauntingly fantastic date ideas, you’re in luck. From eerie trails to charming pumpkin patches, there’s something for every couple to enjoy. Let’s dive in!

Tring: Museum by Torchlight

Looking for a spine-tingling date idea this Halloween? How about a nocturnal adventure at the Natural History Museum in Tring? Instead of a candle-lit dinner, light your way through the museum’s galleries with just a torch in hand, unveiling eerie exhibits and hidden creatures as you go.

Come dressed in your spookiest costumes and delve into the shadowy corners of the museum after regular visiting hours. From uncanny taxidermy to mysterious artifacts, this eerie after-dark experience is both thrilling and educational.

27 October, 17.00-20.00 The Natural History Museum at Tring. Tickets: Free, but you need to book!

Haunted Walk at St. Albans

Nothing says “Halloween” quite like a haunted trail. St. Albans offers a guided ghost walk that will not only send shivers down your spine but also educate you on the city’s rich and sometimes grisly history. Hold hands as you navigate through dark alleys and learn about the haunted past that makes St. Albans a perfect Halloween destination.

St Albans Cathedral Light Show

For a mesmerising date night this Halloween season, consider experiencing the Renaissance Light Show at St Albans Cathedral. Kicking off on October 24th, this enchanting display offers couples a unique journey from the darkness of the Dark Ages into a luminous era of cultural renaissance. It’s a captivating experience that promises to be both romantic and unforgettable. Adult tickets from £10

Pumpkin Picking in Hertfordshire

Enjoy a splendid fall day selecting the perfect pumpkin, snapping selfies on the farm and sharing a cozy lunch. Then head home to carve your pumpkins and unleash your creativity, all while spending meaningful time with your significant other. For more details, check out our comprehensive guide: Your Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Picking in Hertfordshire.

The Rex Cinema

There’s nothing quite like a classic Halloween movie to set the mood. The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted is known for its art deco charm and luxurious atmosphere. Although they’ve not realised it yet, they usually host a late Halloween movie special. Alternatively, why not watch the new ‘A Haunting in Venice’ out from the 15th September. Grab some popcorn and cuddle up!

date ideas in hertfordshire this halloween

A Night at Haunted Hotels

If you’re up for a real scare, book a night at one of Hertfordshire’s haunted hotels. It’s an experience you’re unlikely to forget, and who knows, you might even have a ghostly encounter to tell your grandkids one day!

Top 7 Haunted Places in Hertfordshire to visit, by Haunted Rooms

10 Haunted locations in Hertfordshire by Great British Life

Visit the Magical Harry Potter Studio Tour

While not strictly Halloween, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour offers the perfect amount of witchcraft and wizardry to make for a magical date. Located in Leavesden, this popular attraction takes on a dark and enchanting look during the Halloween season, making it an unmissable experience.

So, what spooky date idea in Hertfordshire will you be opting for to make this Halloween a memorable one? Happy Spooking! 🎃

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