If you, like me, cherish traditions and find yourself purchasing an advent calendar every year, why not shake things up this year with an Advent calendar for couples that gets your heart racing. Spice up your routine as the nights grow longer and create memorable winter evenings.

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DIY Advent Calendars for Couples

In my opinion, there’s truly nothing that compares to crafting a personalised Advent calendar. It’s a delightful, intimate way to count down the days to Christmas, brimming with surprises that can bring you and your partner closer and sprinkle a bit of excitement into your everyday life! Have you been yearning for the perfect opportunity to introduce a dash of playful naughtiness, perhaps? This is your answer, allowing you to bypass the shyness and awkwardness of a direct conversation.

How to Create Your Personalised Advent Calendar

  1. Decide the Days: Simply agree on who will open the odd days and who will open the even days. This way, every day holds a new surprise for one of you, keeping the anticipation and excitement alive throughout the month!
  2. Buy a ready made kit like this DIY 24 PCS Christmas Advent Calendar Box, Advent Gift Boxes, Only £8.99 from Amazon (Dimension: Paper bags approx. (L) 7cm x (H) 10.5cm x (W)5cm)
  3. Fill it with personalised gifts – find ideas below.

DIY Couple’s Advent Calendar Ideas

Remember, you only need 12 gifts, so once you’ve included some of their favourite things, a dash of playful naughtiness and a sprinkle of thoughtful gestures to show your love and appreciation, you’re all set! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you curate a memorable and balanced Advent calendar for your partner.

Playful Ideas

  • Sexual Games: Small, fun games that you can play together. Perhaps a suggested sexual position of the day, Ann Summer’s Kama Sutra cards or handcuffs and satin blindfold
  • Sexy Underwear: Spice things up with some new and exciting lingerie. You can’t go wrong with a lacey thong/brief or designer boxers
  • Sex Toy: Small and discreet enough for a travel purse, why not treat her to an Ann Summers bullet vibrator
  • Text Play: Inform your partner that, on this special day, they will be showered with enticing messages. (Ensure you are available to send them on the selected date and consider planning your messages in advance to maintain the element of surprise)
  • Massage Oil: For a relaxing and intimate evening together, try Love honey’s kissable erotic massage oil

Thoughtful Ideas

  • Favourite Chocolates: Sweet treats that your partner loves
  • Favourite Drink: Whether its an alcoholic miniature or coffee beans, add a cute little note ‘This one is on me’
  • Candles and a playlist: Treat your partner to a night of relaxation. Run the bath, light sensual candles and create a playlist they can listen to whilst they unwind
  • Love Notes: Express your feelings with sweet and heartfelt messages
  • Date night at home ideas: Explore our curated list of date night ideas at home. Mark the night they’re due to open this on your joint calendar as ‘date night’ and prepare everything you need for your chosen activity. They’ll love your attention to detail and the effort you put into crafting a unique and memorable evening.
handmade advent calendar

Advent Calendars for Couples, Ready Made

Creating a personalised advent calendar can indeed be a time-consuming task, but there are plenty of pre-made options available that can offer a variety of surprises for couples looking to celebrate the festive season together. Here’s a selection of tantalising, romantic and tasty advent calendars for couples to consider:

Couple Advent Calendar Composed of 24 Sexy Games and Challenges, £7.99

Lovehoney Advent Calendar 2023 – Adult Toys for Men, Women & Couples, £150

24 piece gift set for couples play. Feel the anticipation as you discover your favourite adult toys. Open the box with your partner for shared excitement all month long.

EIS Deluxe Erotic Advent Calendar for Singles and Couples, £66.50

RITUALS Advent Calendar, £87.90

24 Surprise Beauty Gifts for Men and Women; Body care, home fragrance, candles and a Christmas decoration

The Advent Calendar for Couples – Romantic Adventures, £10.50

Open a window to discover three different activities to enjoy with your partner: Fun, romantic, or adventurous.

Hotel Chocolat – The Advent Calendar For Two, £55

Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar, £26 Laithwaites Wine Advent Calendar of Mixed Red & White Wine plus Champagne £80

Ok, so not strictly to share, but why not have 1 cheese, 1 wine version to create your own tasting evening.

Christmas Film Advent Calendar, £5.99

Each card shows some Trivia or a Quote from the film. What a nice thing to do with your partner each day.

Regardless of which couples’ advent calendar you decide on, our wish for you is that it brings joy, laughter, and a touch of excitement to each day of the festive season. Whether it’s through shared experiences, indulgent treats, or cosy moments, we hope your chosen calendar adds a sprinkle of romance and a dash of delight to your winter evenings.

This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

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