A day for showering your best friends with love and gifts. 

What is Galentine’s day

Galentine’s day, on the 13th February, is in celebration of women’s friendships with women. 
For some, Valentines day can fill people (including myself) with dread, and so it’s heart-warming to have an occasion to celebrate our closest friendships the day before! Any excuse to leave the guys at home and show appreciation to your girlfriends.

Where does Galentine’s day come from?

Believe it or not, Galentine’s day originates from an American comedy show called Parks and recreation. In their 16th episode, in February 2010, which has been viewed by almost 5 million viewers, Galentine’s day was introduced as a day to celebrate friendships over brunch. Leslie invites her girlfriends to a restaurant where she gives them each a gift bag, which includes a personalised 5000 word essay of why they’re so amazing.

Who can celebrate Galentine’s day?

Traditionally it’s celebrated by female friendships, but over the year’s it’s grown in popularity and is used as an excuse to bring together friends, regardless of gender. 

How to celebrate Galentine’s day

Traditionally, following the Parks and recreation episode, Galentine’s celebrations would be hosted over brunch. Nowadays, people have got more creative and are organising spa days, afternoon tea, cocktail nights and group activities like cooking lessons or gin tasting.

If you’d rather hang out with your friends in comfort, invite them over for a pyjama party. Order in some face masks, pizza, prosecco and popcorn!

For long distance friendships, Galentine’s day can still be celebrated. Send each other a cute Galentine’s day card to let them know how much they mean to you, open a bottle of wine and enjoy the evening catching up. You could even get some popcorn in and watch a rom-com together, digitally.

Partners are categorically not invited to tag along.

galentines day cards from Thortful

Galentine’s day cards from Thortful

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