Looking for the perfect date night spot in Hertfordshire? Look no further than Lavish Stevenage, a restaurant that truly lives up to its name. Describing themselves as “sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious,” Lavish Stevenage was the obvious choice when I was scouting for a local restaurant to review for a date night. Read on for my experience and review of Lavish Bar and grill.

Lavish Stevenage, The Perfect Date Night Ambiance

If you’re looking to impress a date, then Lavish Bar and Grill certainly delivers on the luxurious ambiance they promise. Picture this: a dark contemporary interior, marble floors, beautiful pendulum hanging lights, rich-coloured textiles, and an open grill kitchen. All of this, even before you’ve touched on their elaborate cocktails and vibrant food!

But before I get onto that, I must mention the service. I’ve been to a lot of restaurants (believe me, I’ve been dating for four years now, LOL), and it’s rare to come across such polite and friendly staff. We were greeted with a smile and shown to our table. They gave menu suggestions, made a special mocktail for my son (who was my date for the evening), and were attentive all night. They refreshed drinks promptly, cleaned the table after courses, and were in all, very charming. I have to say it was comparable to 5-star dining experiences that I’ve had. So definitely a 10/10 when it comes to service.

Lavish Stevenage Menu

Lavish describes their menu as a “Transformation of traditional Mediterranean dishes using new ingredients and marination techniques to offer a fresh taste and experience.” I actually think this undersells the quality of dishes they are serving here and doesn’t give them enough credit.

Their open kitchen is quite something to see, with hot charcoal and succulent meat being cooked nonstop, from lamb cutlets to the finest fillet steak. Lavish is definitely the place to go if you favour a 28-day dry-aged steak, complemented by a rich red wine or peppercorn sauce.

As a non-steak eater (LOL), my Greek roots had me craving their crispy calamari for starters, followed by the monkfish kebab for mains. Now, this calamari isn’t the dry, flavourless squid rings you’re probably used to. These were moist, flavourful pieces of calamari accompanied by a homemade passion fruit and tartare sauce. Hands down, the best calamari dish I’ve ever had! Bursting with freshness and flavour, the chef had clearly mastered cooking this dish to perfection.

My main course featured big cubes of monkfish on top of a velvety butternut squash purée and a Mediterranean salad popping with freshness in my mouth. On the side, we had their grilled, salty Padron peppers and home-cooked bread, which were irresistible. You know that feeling when you really should stop eating, but you just keep going because it’s so good?! This was it!

My son Theo enjoyed a mixed shish of marinated lamb and chicken cubes that had those summer charcoal flavors so moorish that my mouth is watering just thinking about it. As I said before, these guys truly are the masters of meat; the cooking, the marinades, the salad sides. Absolutely divine!

Elaborate Cocktails and Desserts

To complement my dinner, I enjoyed their smoking ice Lychee martini, which absolutely hit the spot with its refreshing and exotic tones. Theo’s mocktail, the strawberry daiquiri, was the perfect fresh drink for a hot summer’s day.

For dessert, Theo had the chocolate block. As the name describes, it’s a sumptuously rich pudding with multiple chocolatey layers including mousse, sponge, chocolate crumble, twist, and velvety ice cream. You could see from his face how much he enjoyed it!

The menu prices reflect the more luxurious experience. This isn’t just another Turkish restaurant; this is a contemporary setting where you and your date are going to feel like you’re celebrating. Mains start at £17, with the fancy rib-eye steak at £33, which is very reasonable considering the level of service and quality of food being served.

View the Lavish Stevenage Menu.

A Winning Date Night in Hertfordshire

To summarise, I score this venue a high 9/10 and commend them for creating such an exquisite restaurant. Lavish Stevenage most certainly needs to be listed as one of the top restaurants in Hertfordshire and is definitely a place for your next date night! It’s worth noting that they have live music every Friday from 7pm too! Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Where is Lavish Bar and Grill?

The Lavish Bar and Grill Restaurant is based on the high street in Stevenage Old Town.

128 HIGH STREET Old Town, Stevenage, SG1 3DB. Book a table online or call 01438 222 215.

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