Spice up your date nights in Cambridge at The Tram Depot’s vibrant open mic events, presented in partnership with PRZ Line. This unique setting offers a thrilling competition where local talents battle it out for a chance to win recording sessions.

How The Tram Depot Open Mic Nights Work

Over four thrilling weeks, artists compete in heats at The Tram Depot for a grand finale spot and a recording session at The Practice Roomz studios.

Your drink purchase earns you a vote for the night’s shining star, adding an interactive twist to the evening. The suspense builds each week, culminating in a grand finale where the monthly winners are revealed.

Each evening concludes with the announcement of which talented artists have progressed, ensuring the suspense and excitement carry through every performance.

The Tram Depot Event Details

The open mic nights at the Tram Depot will run through summer;

When: Every Thursday, running from 7pm to 10pm

Where: 5 Dover St, Cambridge CB1 1DY

Cost: Free

If you’re looking for cheap date nights that offer something a bit different, why not give this a go! With no entry cost, it’s an inventive and affordable way to enjoy Cambridge‘s cultural scene.

April’s Competition Highlights

I had the pleasure of attending the April final at The Tram Cambridge and thoroughly enjoyed an evening of live music from the three finalists, alongside the feature artist Steve Young, recently showcased on ITV news at the PRZ studio. All acts were very entertaining, and I look forward to attending future rounds!

About PRZ Live

PRZ Live is a powerhouse behind Hertfordshire’s buzzing event scene, supporting major gatherings like Old Town Live and Todd in the Hole Festival, among others. Additionally, they’re the creative force behind a state-of-the-art recording studio nestled in Stevenage, fostering local talent and music production.

For more date night ideas in Cambridge, consider the Cambridge Beer Festival or rooftop revelries at Tivoli. For the perfect date night outfit, why not take a look at our casual date outfits blog or Spring Outfits, for endless style suggestions.

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