One of the reasons I absolutely love Cornwall is its unending array of picturesque beaches. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, Cornwall nudges you with yet another coastal wonder. Today, I want to share the magic of Charlestown Beach, a little paradise that truly encapsulates the Cornish spirit. Picture a place where you can find historic boats and endless rocky terrains that allow for adventures both in and out of the water. That’s Charlestown Beach for you.

Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall

The Arrival

As you enter Charlestown, there’s an unmistakable quaintness that welcomes you. Charlestown harbour, lined with tall ships, is a nod to the area’s rich maritime history. The setting is so enchanting that you’ll hardly be surprised to learn it has served as a backdrop for numerous films and TV series.

Filmed at Charlestown Beach: Alice in Wonderland, The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, Frontier and Poldark.

Endless Rocks to Climb

The rocky terrains of Charlestown beach offer a different kind of appeal. For climbing enthusiasts, these rocks are like an endless playground, full of crevices to explore and ledges to scale. There’s a primal joy in scrambling over them, finding your route, and claiming little victories as you reach each new point.

rocks to climb at charlestown beach

Charlestown Beach; Hidden Coves

As we ventured further along the shore, we discovered hidden gems only accessible during low tide: secret little coves waiting to be explored. I could see the excitement building up in the kids’ eyes as they raced ahead to claim their new-found land.

Then came the highlight of their day: a teeny tiny “cave” they found among the rocks. It was more of an overhang than a proper cave, but their imaginations ran wild. For the rest of the afternoon, that little cave became a pirate hideout, a superhero lair, and a secret treasure trove all rolled into one.

Mussels on Charlestown Harbour Walls

If you are a seafood aficionado, Charlestown beach will not disappoint. The kids, armed with small buckets, pulled mussels off the sea-soaked harbour walls. They were delighted, to say the least. As for me, I could do without the slimy, green, scaly walls. LOL

mussels from charlestown harbour, cornwall

Crystal-Clear Waters

Another feature that sets Charlestown beach apart is the clarity of its waters. The water is so transparent that you can see the rocks at the bottom, not something you find very often in the UK. This clarity makes it perfect for snorkelling, giving you a clear view of what lies below. Schools of tiny fish darting among the rocks was enchanting to watch.

So the next time you find yourself in Cornwall, make sure to spend a day in Charlestown. I promise you, this little coastal gem will carve a special place in your heart, just as it has in mine.

Free Things to Do in Cornwall with Kids

While the beach itself offers a treasure trove of activities that could keep the little ones engaged all day, Cornwall as a whole is a haven for budget-friendly family outings. There’s truly no end to free activities that captivate the imagination of children.

To kick things off, why not try crabbing? Armed with a bucket and some bait, children will be thrilled to catch (and release) these little crustaceans – it’s a simple yet fascinating activity that can keep them occupied for hours. Take a look at our ‘Things to do in Padstow‘ guide to make the most of your day.

Then there’s endless public gardens and parks, such as Victoria Gardens in Truro. This lush setting provides ample space for children to burn off some energy, play games, or settle down for a family picnic. While in Truro, take the time to wander around this picturesque town. Its cobblestone streets and quaint shops offer an atmospheric backdrop for a leisurely walk. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Truro Cathedral, a magnificent structure that captivates both young and old alike with its architectural grandeur. Whether you choose to simply admire it from the outside or venture in for a closer look, it’s a worthy stop that adds a touch of culture and history to your Cornish adventure.

Why not check out the Padstow webcams to get a window into the beautiful town of Padstow. You can watch the boats sway gently in the harbour, observe the comings and goings of local fishermen, or even catch a stunning sunset over the water.

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