If you find yourself in Cornwall with a thirst for adventure and a love for wildlife, look no further than the Padstow Sealife Safari. Imagine the exhilaration of gliding across the open sea in a speedboat, the salty spray misting your face, as you journey to meet some of Cornwall’s most fascinating marine residents. Here’s a recount of our unforgettable day out on the water.

Padstow Sealife Safaris

Setting Sail

The anticipation was palpable as we strapped on our life jackets and climbed aboard the speedboat. The engine roared to life, and we were off, leaving the quaint harbour of Padstow behind. The wind was fierce, and the sea spray certainly woke us up! The sheer joy of speeding across the ocean was exhilarating.

Seals Galore!

We made our way towards rocks known for its resident seal population. As we approached, we could see them, lazily basking on the rocks, living their best Cornish life. It was heartwarming to see them so at ease, completely at home in their idyllic setting. We also had the opportunity to spot them in a secluded cove, bobbing their heads out the water.

the beautiful sea and coastal cliffs in cornwall. Sealife safaris, padstow

The Elusive Dolphins

Our next mission was to spot dolphins. I’ll be honest—the agile creatures made us work for it! They are tricky to find, often blending seamlessly into their water. But Padstow Sealife Safaris are experts and really know where to hunt for them. When we finally spotted a dorsal fin gracefully slicing through the water, the boat erupted in cheers. Watching these magnificent animals in their natural habitat was awe-inspiring and served as a reminder of the beauty that exists in our oceans.

The Children’s Take

Padstow Sealife Safaris experience

The sheer excitement in the children’s eyes was perhaps the most rewarding part of the entire excursion. The speedboat experience alone had them squealing in delight, but add in the dolphins and seals, and they were positively ecstatic. It was a day filled with new experiences and learnings for them, a perfect blend of fun and education. Of course, they found it hilarious that they got so wet with the sea spray. I’m so grateful that Padstow Sealife Safari’s provided waterproof jackets and trousers because it wasn’t an overly warm day and it could have been a very different drive back to our holiday let!

Padstow Sealife Safaris Review

As we headed back to Padstow, faces glowing from the sea air and hearts full from the adventures, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for experiences like this that are so incredibly humble. It was not just a thrilling boat ride; it was a beautiful encounter with the enchanting wildlife of Cornwall.

getting wet from the sea spray on a speed boat in Padstow, Cornwall

If you’re looking for the perfect day out in Cornwall, hop on a Padstow Sealife Safari. Between the speed, the spray, and the splendid sea creatures, it’s an adventure you won’t soon forget. I promise you!

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